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Beschermen en opvullen - voorbeeld met papieren opvulmateriaal


This huge range of polyethylene or paper-based packing and protection products, includes foam or bubble wrap, air cushions, corrugated cardboard and loosefill and will provide effective protection during transport and handling of your products.

    Paper Cushioning Systems
    (10 Products)

    PadPak Senior Converter voor het maken van beschermende papierkussens

    A range of paper-based products and systems for additional protection of your fragile goods during transportation.

    Sub-families & Products

    Paper void fill systems
    (3 Products)

    FillPak TT opvulsysteem voor het verwerken van papieren opvulmateriaal

    These paper-based void fill systems are an alternative to foam products. They ensure your product is protected at all times, both during transit and when stored

    Sub-families & Products

    Air Cushioning and Void Fill Systems
    (26 Products)

    Relleno y protección con aire - Materiales de relleno y protección

    If your products need lightweight, non-abrasive cushioning to protect them during transportation and storage, these products provide the ideal solution

    Sub-families & Products

    Air Bubble Films
    (61 Products)

    Luchtkussenfolie / Noppenfolie in doos

    Within this range you will find different qualities of bubble film, manufactured from polyethylene, to suit your every need.

    Sub-families & Products

    Foam Films
    (10 Products)

    PE Schuimfolie beschermingsmateriaal (foam PE)

    This range provides insulation against vibration, as well as cushioning, edge and surface protection

    Sub-families & Products

    Loose Filling Material
    (4 Products)

    Flo Pak verpakkingschips voor bescherming van kwetsbaar product

    Free-flowing filling material for small applications.

    Sub-families & Products

    Corrugated & board cushioning
    (8 Products)

    Enkelzijdig golfkarton voor het scheiden van producten op pallet

    This extensive range of packing and protection products, made from corrugated cardboard, will ensure your products are protected during transportation and storage

    Sub-families & Products

    Edge & Corner Protectors
    (14 Products)

    Kunststof beschermhoeken - hoekbeschermers voor sterke randbescherming

    In fibreboard or foam, this range will protect the corners and edges of your products and pallets. If you are looking for corner stays, corners and foam sections, you will find the perfect solution to meet your needs

    Sub-families & Products