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Stretch film, shrink films, pallet hoods and tubing films to help protect your products during transit and whilst in storage

    Hand Stretchfilms
    (29 Products)

    A range of manually-applied stretch films for securing goods to pallets (often incorrectly referred to as "shrink wrap").

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    Machine Stretchfilms
    (17 Products)

    Machine stretchable films are made exclusively from polyethylene (LLDPE) and can be used with all semi or fully automated stretch machines

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    Pallet and Mailing films
    (5 Products)

    These strong pallet and tubing films are ideal for protecting the tops of pallets and for those 'difficult to wrap' items

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    (2 Products)

    Plastic films which will shrink after being heated by either a shrink heat system or a gas shrink gun.

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