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Masterline PP omsnoeringsband


A range of products developed for hand and machine strapping, and the bundling of goods.

    Strapping Band
    (7 Products)

    Standaard omsnoeringsband

    Strap of various strengths depending on their material (polypropylene or PET), for hand or machine application to hold your products in place on pallets.

    Sub-families & Products

    Manual Strapping & Bundling Devices
    (3 Products)

    Battery-operated hand strapping devices.

    Sub-families & Products

    Strapping Machines
    (1 Products)

    Masterline automatische omsnoeringsmachine voor dozen

    A range of table and auto strapping machines for the sealing and shipping of packages, strapping of cardboard boxes and bailing

    Sub-families & Products

    Strapping Equipment
    (7 Products)

    Haspel voor kunststof- en staalband

    Appropriate accessories for secure strapping.

    Sub-families & Products

    (0 Products)

    Elastieken, per zak verpakt

    Bundling products from twine and hemp to cable ties and tie twisters, to meet your exact requirements

    Sub-families & Products