Relleno y protección con aire - Materiales de relleno y protección


If your products need lightweight, non-abrasive cushioning to protect them during transportation and storage, these products provide the ideal solution

    AirSpeed Smart
    (11 Products)

    Airspeed Smart machine voor de productie van luchtkussenzakjes

    Inflatable void-fill system.

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    Masterline ePacker
    (2 Products)

    The Masterline Epacker is specially designed for areas where space is important. The starter kit comes with a roll of air cushion film to get you started!

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    Mini Pak-r Industrial
    (5 Products)

    The MINI PAK’R INDUSTRIAL is specially designed for areas where space is important. Six different films are compatible, which give several packaging options.

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    Mini Pak-r Retail
    (6 Products)

    This is a smart and versatile solution for small users. The MINI PAK’R is a small and simple air cushion machine that makes it possible to produce air cushions where and whenever you want it.

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    Pro Pak-r
    (4 Products)

    The PRO PAK’R is equipped with the latest technology. It is Fast, Smart, Compact and Easy to use. One machine can be incorporated into multiple packing
    stations. The PRO PAK’R is capable of running a wide range of film types to suit most applications. It produces air cushions up to 21 meters per minute.

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