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Packaging systems to assist in the erecting and closure of boxes, pallet stretch wrapping, applying shrink film, Strapping machines, sealing machines and others to help increase through-put in your warehouse.

    Case / Carton Erecting Machines
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    Working with Lantech, Antalis offer a range of highly configurable fully automatic Case Erectors, erecting up to 30 cases per minute. Everything from a standalone machine to a complete case handling system intergrating with your production line

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    Case / Carton Closing And Sealing Machines
    (7 Products)

    Whether a Standalone machine or part of a complete case system, Antalis offer fully and semi automatic case closers, customised to suit your needs.

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    Pallet Stretch Wrappers
    (13 Products)

    Antalis offer the complete range of pallet stretch wrapping systems. Semi and Fully Automatic systems from 25 pallets per hour to 180 pallets per hour.

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    Shrink And Seal Machine
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    Masterline krimpmachine voor het krimpen en sealen van producten

    For the sealing and/or shrinking and sealing of film around a product.

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    Hand-held & Table Devices
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    Beprinte rollen tape

    A range of dispensers for adhesive tapes and stretch films.

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    Sealing Machines
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    Masterline 610P sealapparaat voor het verpakken van mailings

    Machines and devices for sealing various types of plastic films.

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