Heavy Goods


Heavy goods packaging

Protection for heavy goods during transport and storage

Heavy goods such as machines or steel coils require special packaging materials to protect them during shipping. We have a wide range of materials and bespoke solutions to make sure you get the right fit for your product.



Product Description Application Benefits

Pallet collars

Made from planed pine or plastic. Can be folded diagonally with 4 hinges.

Quickly assembled, simple containers allowing different heights to be made up from a pallet base

Can be stacked and are reusable. Can be folded so little storage space needed.

Plywood crate

Collapsible packaging made of birchwood.  Watertight and held together with hot dip galvanised steel bands and profiles.

Lightweight space saving export, transport or reusable packaging. One container for both storage and transport.

Minimum storage and shipping costs as supplied flat.  Quick and easy to assemble.