Shipping & Mailing


Shipping  & Mailing

A wide range for any application

Antalis offers a wide range of shipping packaging and mailing materials for any kind of product. Whether you are delivering small, heavy, delicate or irregular-shaped items, you can be sure we have the right solution to protect your product. Choose from corrugated boxes, retention packaging, suspensions packs, bubble-lined mailing and postal bags, and corrugated shipping wraps.



Product Description Application Benefits

Corrugated boxes

Folding boxes made from single or double wall corrugated cardboard

Goods protection during transport and storage

Comprehensive standard range. Environmentally-friendly as made largely from recycled paper. Space saving as supplied folded flat

Suspension packaging

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The goods are “suspended” between two sheets of film (membranes) stretched across a corrugated cardboard frame. The product is held securely in place and unable to slide around

For protecting delicate goods such as electronic components

Despatch packaging for spare parts

Maximum protection against impact, vibration and damage. No additional filling material required. One type of packaging for wide range of products. Quick and easy handling

Retention packaging

One-piece retention packaging. Goods are fixed in place under a flexible PU film. Prevents goods from sliding around inside the box

For shipping irregularly-shaped or delicate goods such as spare parts. Suitable for repeated use, eg. ideal for repair services

Reliable protection for shipped goods. Reusable. One type of packaging for wide range of products. Quick and easy handling

Postal bags

Stable, pliable and economical mailing envelopes

For mailing promotional items, CDs, DVDs etc

Protects products against shocks, moisture and dirt

Postal wrap

Shipping packaging made from corrugated board

Secure packaging for shipping products such as books, disks or files

Easy to use one piece packaging. No additional filling material required. Space saving as supplied folded flat