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Tape Creator

Customised Tape On Demand

Brother, in partnership with UK distributor Antalis,

bring you the Tape Creator, a revolution in

personalised print.

The Tape Creator is a desktop plug in and play

machine that allows you to create personalised

printed tape in minutes.

It couldn't be easier. Simply load the tape, and

then from the user-friendly software select your

template from one of the wide range of different

designs, and type in your message.

Change the font or design, or for that extra

special personal touch, you can also upload your own image or design to print onto the tape.

Simply click “Print”, and watch the Brother Tape Creator produce your own personalised adhesive tape in seconds


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• Prints 50mm wide tape as standard
• 38mm wide tape also available
• Minimum roll length 1 metre
• Maximum roll length 66 metre
• Plug and Play
• 200 standard designs


• Download PDF

> Antalis Brother Tape Creator


• See the Tape Creator in action in our video

> Antalis Brother Tape Creator video






If you are interested in the Brother Tape Creator, please contact us:

Arrow_20x15.png Tel: 0870 241 1466

Arrow_20x15.png email: pkteam@antalis.co.uk