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All-Round Solutions

  • All-round Packaging Solutions

    Requirements of a real-life example

    • A packaging solution that can be implemented quickly
    • Storage of a large quantity of shafts
    • Cushioning, as the production site is to be relocated
    • Storage of the shafts in the available lattice boxes
    • The packaging must protect against dust, dirt and corrosion
    • The packaging must be stable and easy to assemble

    Solution found for the example

    • Large load carrier (lattice box)
    • PE bags to protect against dust and dirt, moisture and corrosion
    • PROPYwell dividers with optimal load factor
    • Intermediate layers
    • VCI paper as corrosion protection

    Advantages of the solution

    • Thanks to the use of PROPYwell plug-in dividers to hold the shafts, direct contact between the fibrous material and the corrosion-sensitive shaft is avoided 
    • The plug-in divider guarantees that the lattice box is filled to full capacity
    • The dividers can be manufactured at a low tooling cost and can be supplied quickly
    • The dividers are printed with serial numbers in order to assign the individual parts to the packaging
    • Stable intermediate layers from PROPYboard are used to separate the individual layers
    • VCI paper is placed on the intermediate layers. The active ingredient can spread through the divider to cover the entire item


  • Antalis Packaging offers you the best all round comprehensive service

    Customer-specific solutions

    • Our packaging development department is capable of developing packaging to your individual specifications and to tight deadlines

    • We will advise you on the selection of the most appropriate materials to protect your products


    • Put your own stamp on your packaging: adhesive tapes printed in different colours, boxes tailored specifically for your product, stretch film carrying your logo, black edge protectors, printed strapping, machines in your corporate colours, whatever you need we can make it happen for you.

    Trust us to roll out your vision


    You decide which packaging tasks you entrust to us

    • Storage and express delivery of your packaging

    • Assembly of multiple-part packaging

    • Insertion of your product into the packaging

    Parts management

    • We will demonstrate how you can optimise your packaging and save money. We will even implement the solution!


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