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PackCONSULT packaging logistics

  • packCONSULT packaging logistics

    Review your entire packaging logistics

    There are many ways to optimise your packaging to improve efficiency and make cost savings. As part of our packCONSULT service, our experts will assess your internal packaging logistics, the packaging used and processes followed. Allowing us to identify areas for improvement and recommend a solution that perfectly fits your business. We can also create a packaging solution for new products. This may involve packaging materials, machinery, services or a fully bespoke solution.

    When coming up with your solution, we naturally consider the entire process to optimise the work station ergonomics and handling of the packaging.

    If you have a product that you need to get from A to B in perfect condition, as efficiently and cost effectively as possible, this is the service for you.

  • Why packCONSULT?

    Packaging solutions – get a bespoke solution to your packaging challenges

    Improvements - efficiency and cost reduction

    Visualisation – view examples of your solution and how your product will be packed

    Packaging instructions – illustrated step-by-step guide showing employees how to use the packaging

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Corrugated board
tray for



Spoiler packaging
with PROPYboard



PROPYwell tray
with compartments for
exhaust gas heat exchangers



Plug-in dividers
from grey board
for small parts