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Automotive Packaging Solutions

From small-load-carrier systems to packaging for CKD shipment, we can create the ideal packaging solution for your product. And you benefit from a one-stop-shop for all your development, manufacturing, fulfilment and logistical requirements.

Reusable Transport System

Ideal reusable transport sysem


Flexible packaging for the storage and transportation of bulk products. The empty pallet box folds up to save space and transport costs.

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PadPak Senior Converter

The PadPak Senior is extremely versatile


It converts 2- or 3-ply paper into paper pads that are suitable for all packaging applications: from cushioning and protecting to wrapping and bolstering.

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Packaging Systems

Semi and fully-automatic packaging machinery and equipment

Lantech Q 119x89.png

Machinery can transform your packaging process by speeding up packing times, minimising waste, reducing costs, and more

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Anti Corrosion
vci papers

Protects steel, iron and cast iron


Kraft paper impregnated with VCI that can be used for storage while keeping rust at bay.

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Bespoke Packaging

Packaging Machinery Services - Consulting and support services offered by our team of Machinery Engineers.

Design Centre.PNG

If you're looking to buy a machine for the first time, or want to add to a current packaging system, our team of experts are here to help. We cover all design, installation and maintence of your machinery.

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Packaging Development Services

Bespoke packaging solutions created in our dedicated Packaging Design Centre


Our Packaging Engineers are experts in developing innovative packaging solution to fit your product and requirements. We will advise on the best packaging materials and provide prototypes or samples for you to trial.



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