Whether you need packaging for your own use or to support the needs of your customers, we have a wide range of materials and solutions to make sure your products are delivered in perfect condition, in the cost effective and efficient way.

Pallet Boxes

Ideal reusable transport system


Flexible packaging for the storage and transportation of bulk products. The empty pallet box folds up to save space and transport costs.

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Hand strapping devices

For the application of strapping bands


Our hand strapping devices are designed to strap heavy goods and bundle together several packages.

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Hand Stretch Film

Reliable unit load security


The transparent film secures your load and protects against moisture.

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Corrugated Boxes

Transport and storage packaging


Multi-functional folding boxes made from single or double walled corrugated cardboard.

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Safe packaging and shipping

Are you suffering from damaged shipments, unsatisfied customers, fines, or missed deliveries due to poorly packaged loads? Let us take the stress away.


Our experts will review your current packaging and recommend better ways to secure your loads efficiently, while saving costs along the way.


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Packaging systems

Packaging machines help rationalise processes and reduce material consumption.

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That is why our service offering starts with on-site advice and analysis. On this basis, we can offer you the most appropriate machine.

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